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Voice in the Crowd

Mentorship for increased personal growth, resilience and fulfilment


Team Development Workshop

"Your facilitation was superb, sensitive, perfectly paced and the tone was perfect.  Thank you."

Resilience During Change 

"...I found the day hugely beneficial, being able to open up and speak freely. Your training manner is very good and you have a knack of being able to get your attendees to engage quickly. ... it was surprising how quickly I was able to go from having quite negative feelings to quickly being able to see a more positive side..."

"I would also just like to say thank you for running an absolutely fantastic session yesterday. Your style was so engaging and accessible, and I think hugely beneficial to all of us participants. I am normally quite sceptical about this type of thing, but you made the whole room feel at ease, and I can honestly say yesterday's was one of the best training workshops I've attended."

Resilience Coaching

"It was a wonderful session on wellbeing. I felt relaxed and much calmer after the breathing exercises and looking forward to our next meeting... "

Personal Presence

"...thought-provoking and empowering. ... carefully selected required viewing, reading and activities to engage with beforehand ... Most importantly, Kathryn has that brilliant way of being incredibly knowledgeable, engaged and well-read in her subject while also making you feel you know the issues within your own context and the way you interact within it best. .. the joy of walking out of a course thinking about real changes you can make right now that will benefit you is so exciting!

"Kathryn is an exceptionally good coach. A true professional, challenging, thoughtful, encouraging and inspiring.
Kathryn's questions and observations make me think, always, challenging me, in a good way. She is very skilful at asking the right kind of questions. Kathryn really listens and is sensitive and responsive to what is happening as we talk. It takes real skill and talent to create a natural, flowing session while allowing me the space to think and focus on the matter in hand - and Kathryn does that so elegantly.
You will surprise yourself at what you can achieve with Kathryn as your coach."

Svenda, Business Owner
"My coaching with Kathryn Buck was fantastically helpful. I am a changed woman! She was professional, detached and had a good grasp of how a school works. I now go into situations more confidently and am adept at getting a more effective outcome. A number of aspects of my career have improved significantly as a result of my coaching sessions with Kathryn.  Coaching is and will continue to make a difference to me as my career evolves. I have begun to explore strategies for managing change, the coach was excellent and I think the impact of our work together will continue into the medium and longer term. I would recommened everyone experience a coaching session."
Senior Leadership Team member, Cambridgeshire Village College
"The coaching I received was fantastic, it not only made me reflect on situations and problems in different ways but it enabled me to identify alternate routes to fix problems, dissolve issues and change situations. When I needed some ideas they were provided in a positive way and an example of how they could be used given. The emotional support given during the coaching was also in line with what was needed depending on the matter being discussed. I would recommend coaching to all teaching staff as long as they know what they want to focus on."
Senior Teaching Staff member, Cambridgeshire Village College 

"Kathryn is an insightful and professional coach, trainer and facilitator who can also add a unique touch of creativity to projects. An organized, thought-provoking and efficient joy to work with from start to finish."
Jo, Education Liaison within the pharmaceutical industry
Lunchtime choir
"....So, a lovely, friendly, lighthearted choir at lunchtimes, where you didn’t have to sight read and nobody tutted if you messed up (rather everybody laughed as everybody messed up together!) was perfect. It gave me a bit more confidence in my singing, and to step outside my comfort zone generally – I would never have thought I’d end up singing a solo line. It was also a really nice way to meet colleagues from around the business and I’ve actually found that I’ve been able to turn to contacts from choir for work stuff.
The pieces you picked were perfect – not too difficult to make it a chore, but complex enough that it felt like an achievement and we all felt proud of the end result. You were a lovely leader; getting the balance of critique and encouragement right, and keeping it fun whilst getting a good end result."
Catherine, pharmaceutical company
Directorate Team Building - Choir
"Kathryn ran a group singing session for our team last year.  Irrespective of our singing experience, competence or expertise (or lack thereof), she put us all at ease and created an atmosphere that was supportive, nurturing and creative.  Dividing us into groups with different roles, Kathryn hlped us all to come together to create something uplifting, motivating and self-affirming. "
Jo, Education Liaison, pharmaceutical industry