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Voice in the Crowd

Mentorship for increased personal growth, resilience and fulfilment
Voice in the Crowd is!  Established in October 2015, we're in our infancy as an organisation.  It's exciting,  and as we learn and grow, we hope we'll meet you somewhere on our journeys.
Whilst we may be a new organisation, those of us involved in it bring a wealth of experience, energy and commitment to ensuring we meet the needs of our customers and communities to the best of our abilities. 
This space is intended as a place to share what we're up to..
The kinds of things we're up to...
  • Rolling out number of Developing Resilience During Change workshops for a large Cambridge organistation
  • Coaching a group of teachers from a Cambridgeshire Village College
  • Developing a 'Conversations that Count at Work' pilot (developing the skills and confidence to have those difficult conversations).
  • Championing local 'You are Not Alone' Project to Transform the lives of the elderly in local village